The Chip's

Buffalo Chip Spirits™ was formed in Nov. 2019. They partnered with Rod “Woody” Woodruff, the owner of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip (the “Best Party Anywhere”). The Sturgis bike rally is the largest biker event in the world. It is held every August in the black hills of South Dakota. In 1981, the city of Sturgis tried to end the rally, by kicking out the “riff raff”. Woody built the Sturgis Buffalo Chip on a 600-acre pasture and saved the rally.

The Chip

Today, Buffalo Chip is the largest campground/music festival in motorcycling, hosting many of the 500,000+ attendees. Since their launch, Buffalo Chip Spirits™ has launched their gold medal winning American whiskey (New York International Spirits Competition 2021), their gold medal winning Woody’s Reserve bourbon (San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021), as well as Pardi Batch Spirits™ for country superstar Jon Pardi. Other recent releases include Buffalo Chip Hellfire, Bloody Butcher Bourbon, Panther Wheated Select, and Kultur Vodka. Buffalo Chip Spirits™ has solidified their place as a top brand in the industry, with an unprecedented amount of quality releases within the last 2 years.

History of the Buffalo Chip

In the history of travel across the great interior plains, from those of Texas to those of the Saskatchewan, no other element, not even water, figures more prominently than the Buffalo Chip. Its absence in the treeless districts necessitates the transportation of wood as an indispensable part of the camp stores, while its presence not only renders this needless, but insures all those ordinary comforts of camp-life that the conveniences of the camp-fire always bring. Hence its importance as a civilizing agent cannot be overrated.